Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ready, Set, Run

The local political season is heating up. Usually, you can't count on any activity prior to Labor Day. But this week, I attended a meeting for the Town Justice candidate last night and have my fifth or so for a Town of Ithaca Supervisor candidate tonight (there's a primary, so that's why that one's so busy). So far today, I've revised a palmcard, apologized to a radio host, emailed two organizations about setting up a meet-and-greet, and started a draft of a speech. Good thing I'm underemployed this month.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy!!! :-) I'm on your blog, now I can take over all humanity!!! Mwahaha!!!

P.S To all others reading this to whom it may concern, yes I am the "O" mentioned in this blog.