Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Power and Sex

There are a million stories about inappropriate relationships between teachers and students. There are a million policies about peer sexual harassment in schools. What seems not to have been studied is the male administrator/female teacher relationship. It seems to be accepted in a way that the male boss/female worker relationship in other workplaces is not. Why should that be so?


KAA said...

Are we to guess who you are referring to?

KAZ said...

Actually, it's more than one person. At more than one school. It's something of a feeding frenzy, in fact, which apparently has its roots in opportunity and lopsided demographics. But it's especially repulsive when it comes from folks who preach the gospel of so-called "character education." It's the sexism that dare not speak its name.

Anonymous said...

Is this happening at DRYDEN???? :O