Friday, March 9, 2012

Separation of Church and State, Redux

Someone sent me this today, a screed written by a doctor in Dryden who happens to be house doctor for the school district—for a nice annual fee.
Placing an Obama placard on your car is equivalent to saying I have no problem aborting full-term fetuses – I have no problem destroying marriage and I have no problem ultimately destroying God.

I was not aware that God could be destroyed, but clearly I'm not as close to the deity as Dr. Niziol is. I'm fine with his writing letters to the Catholic Courier, but less happy about his being the source of medical information at my daughter's school. What is his advice for the kiddies about birth control, I wonder?


Linda C said...

I received that email also. Who is this "Robert" at ref52188@hotmail, and how did he get personal email addresses? I'll be sending them both a response!

KAZ said...

Not a fan of Niziol's, and he got our addresses from the Dry Dems website.