Friday, March 16, 2012


I guess most people can't name their Congressional District, but I've been in the 24th for years, and it seems odd to note that not only will I lose that number soon, but I'll lose my Congressman, too. Dryden will cease to be part of Richard Hanna's district and become part of Tom Reed's, now the 23rd. Out of the frying pan of moderate Republicanism and into the fire of serious Tea Partydom.

I can't think that Tom Reed is delighted to pick up Ithaca on his way toward a district that will extend from our border in Dryden all the way to Jamestown and the Pennsylvania border. It's a horrible district, one that candidates Leslie Danks Burke and Nathan Shinagawa will be hard pressed to cover in their foreshortened campaigns. Meanwhile, Hanna now resides in District 22, a slab that extends from Broome County up through Utica. Dan Lamb will face him there.

The real, true, finished maps are due next Tuesday. For now, here's what things look like, more or less.

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