Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Steady Rain, continued.

It rained continually all night long, and in the morning, we were in a State of Emergency, which means that the sheriff alerts us all to stay off the roads. Parts of Routes 79 and 13 were closed entirely. School was delayed and then cancelled, despite the fact that the driving ban was lifted by nine or so. Paul took the dogs out back and lost Alex to a large puddle in the Big Dig there, where she happily lay in the water with only her head poking out. Noonish, Paul drove to work, and Olivia and I crossed town around two. There were washouts along Hurd Road, lots of branches by the sides of roads, and some mushy spots along the edges of Ellis Hollow, but on the whole, it didn't look bad, and downtown was passable. McGuire Ford's parking lot was a lake, and water was definitely high in the flood canal. Other people posted nice photos on FB of the waterfalls and streams in the area. Exciting, but nothing compared to what they're facing in the Southern Tier, where Binghamton lies partially underwater.

LATER: Owego, NY, from the Ithaca Journal:

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