Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Foundations of Liberty Not for Me

As if NYS weren't plagued with enough home-grown silliness, now we're importing nutballs from Utah to instruct us in re-establishing a government based in natural law.
We want to redefine citizenship and patriotism as helping the nation by creating better marriages and families. We want to communicate that the only way to fix Washington is to admit that we are a part of the problem, to re-evaluate (ReValue) our own selves, marriages, families and communities and make the changes necessary to be better people. This will result in less personal vice and broken marriages, happier and loving families, better neighborhoods, leading to improved communities, superior local leaders and no-nonsense state level leadership and finally, inspiring national leaders.
This libertarian stress on local over federal, family over community, micro over macro, purports to be the absolute purpose of our nation as the founders conceived it, but to me it's a recipe for selfishness and ignorance. Shanon Brooks stresses an American education that focuses on the works of Jefferson (the "real" Jefferson), Washington, and Adams (ditto). At his Monticello College and in his workshops, they read Locke, Marx & Engels, and especially crazy John Bircher Cleon Skousen, whose emphasis on faith-based politics (and argument that slave owners were the main victims of slavery) makes him the fringyest of the fringe philosophers.

And now they're coming to Dryden to enlighten us all. I wish I had the patience to sit for three hours and listen to this blather, but I can think of so many things I'd rather do.

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