Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coup Coup

Now, I know the Ithaca Journal is no longer a local paper; I can tell when it features a story about teen pregnancy rising in the area that turns out to be about Broome and Chenango Counties. But the fact that the online NYT has nothing at all in its major headlines today about the coup in our state government is shocking. Bye-bye same-sex marriage, bye-bye health care reform. Tom Golisano has bought himself a couple of criminal lackeys.


Overheard in Ithaca said...

I thought the amazing thing about the teen pregnancy article was that it never mentioned contraception or sex education.

Anonymous said...

I agree it was a bit peculiar for the NYT. They did have an article on it, which is how I found out, but it was a minor on-line blog out of Albany. Most of the real headlines have been about the follow-up fall out. Very strange.