Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reading List

I'm slogging through Tom Friedman's latest, which I got from SAZ for the holidays. It's not dull; it's just a lot to absorb in one sitting. So far, my favorite part is where he talks about upcoming issues of water (something I wrote about in my book on the Assads--I think it is the number one issue of the 21st century and will surpass oil and other energy issues) and mentions in passing that the word rival derives from "those who must share a river." I love that and will probably steal it and use it often. I also like his put down of "green revolution" as a concept; his take is that we're barely in a "green party"--a revolution means that people get hurt, and we're merely dancing around pretending to be green. It makes my Wegman's bags and composter seem fairly irrelevant.

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