Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Storm Warning

The interactive weather map shows snow in our area, but there's nothing happening out the window. Paul is about to leave for Buffalo, where, weather permitting, he and friend Mark H will watch the Sabres play and eat potfuls of wings at Anchor Bar. O had to get up, crankily, because we didn't hear until after 6:30 AM that school was closed. Now she's off for two full weeks plus today. Plenty of time to nurse her recently broken finger back to health. As for me, it's a work day as usual, at least until we lose connectivity or power. They're saying eight inches, which usually translates to a foot up here on the mountain.

LATER: About an inch an hour since 10 AM. Not too dreadful, though steady. Paul made it to Buffalo, where there's already about a foot.

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