Monday, December 22, 2008

Required Reading

I don't usually blog other blogs, but Bob Ostertag's column on "Why Gay Marriage Is the Wrong Issue" is, as Mark suggested, fascinating and really smart. Mark knew Bob when he was an experimental musician in NYC. I met him a few times then--he had played in a trio with my then-boyfriend. Bob left for Central America in the early 1980s and never looked back. Now he's a prof in CA and blogs for the Huff Post.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just semantics (but it is just semantics, right?), the religious zealots don't like the gays using their work, "marriage," which they believe is defined by their book. Even Mr. Warren isn't opposed to life insurance equality or hospital visitation. He just doesn't want them using his god-given word.
So the real question, IMHO, is government meddling in religion, not the other way around. Why is the government in the business of sanctifying "marriages?"
If I were king, I'd get the government out of the marriage business altogeteher and into the civil union business. Let the churches decide who their god wants them to marry or not.
Personally, I would embrace a nice godless (heterosexual) marriage for my civil union.

KAZ said...

Amen to that.