Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SSFC Budget v. NYS Budget

Central NY School Board Association just sent out an appraisal comparing NYS's 2007 budget allocation for schools to that proposed by the Statewide School Finance Consortium, which aims to replace a convoluted formula with one that provides equity and simplicity. I have the whole thing for anyone who's interested, but here are the data for our local districts in the TST-BOCES region. The comparison is over four years, as the 2007 budget was designed to be implemented over four years.
Additional Aid Under SSFC Plan
Candor: $2,027,548
Dryden: $1,967,358
Groton: $1,869,411
Ithaca: $0
Lansing: $0
Newfield: $1,513,484
Trumansburg: $1,250,612
South Seneca: $0
I'm not sure why South Seneca gets nothing. In most other cases that I've seen, poorer districts make out much better under the SSFC Plan.

For what it's worth, local State Senators Seward and Winner support the SSFC Plan.

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