Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Eat Globally

With apologies to all our friends who are trying to eat locally, this made me laugh.


Simon said...

It made me laugh too - but the way an obnoxious overdressed Wall Streeter trying to pretend that they're really doing good for the world by rolling in cash makes me laugh.

Yes, eating locally in Iowa would presently suck - but that's because of the damage we've done to Iowa. Eating locally in Iowa fifty years ago could have been awesome, even in winter. (And it still could be awesome, if growing patterns reflected local eating patterns.)

Pushback is a good thing, though - obnoxious responses like this one are a good sign that someone's suddenly had to think. He doesn't like it, but that's not entirely surprising.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree completely with Simon. It only made me laugh at the author, not with him. True, sadly, that currently the only way Americans learn about the world is by buying non-local items at the grocery store. But that's not a GOOD thing. He should be advocating that fat lazy cowards get themselves a passport and a couple of visas, not purchase Italian pasta down the block. And if we as a country can't make the enormous sacrifice of eating nuts that aren't the softest and tastiest on the planet, well, nuff said. Not exactly greatest generation pride there.