Sunday, December 2, 2007

Follow Up

When I signed off on November 30, we had no heat, my car wouldn't start, and I'd killed my computer. We have heat now, although our bedroom is iffy (it's the highest point in the house and the farthest from the boiler/furnace, and it tends to get the most air in the pipes). My car starts every time thanks to the Sears battery I had put in on Friday. And Paul rescued the computer by giving me a new user name and moving everything laboriously over to the new site. So things are looking up.

We do, however, need to replace Paul's car, which needs more work than it's worth to pass inspection. He's looking at Hyundai Elantras (a complete circle for us--my first car was a Hyundai), having determined that gas mileage is more important right now than all-wheel drive.

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