Monday, December 3, 2007

As Texas Goes, So Goes the Nation

SmileyCentral.comWell, not entirely, but in the world of textbooks, where Texas wields a mighty dollar figure, it's always haircurling to read something like this. It seems that the TEA's Director of Science has been pushed out of her position due to her stance on evolution.
The [Texas] standards, adopted in 1998, are due for a 10-year review and possible revision after the 15-member elected State Board of Education meets in February, with particular ramifications for the multibillion-dollar textbook industry. The chairman of the panel, Dr. Don McLeroy, a dentist and Sunday School teacher at Grace Bible Church in College Station, has lectured favorably in the past about intelligent design.
The ramifications for the textbook industry are ramifications for the states as well.

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