Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Teachers

SmileyCentral.comI represented the Board at New Teacher Orientation today, which I like to do. All those fresh faces! All that energy! It was a smallish group this year, maybe 20 in all. And every one a woman. Right now, O is upstairs in the middle school, helping her social studies teacher set up her room. Free labor, yes, but it will help O feel more confident on Day 1.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Dryden will have any social studies openings in the next few years?? :)

KAZ said...

You never know. Try to do your student teaching there to improve your odds. Or get onto the sub list--we (and everyone) always need subs, with or without degrees.

Anonymous said...

This is in response to hp:
Why, do u want to be an s.s teacher??? cuz i go 2 dryden and if u want to survive your teaching career u have 2 give the "educationally challenged kids" (If I called them stupid my mom would get mad) easy work, and brainy kids like me challenging work. Otherwise, I'll run u out.