Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bizarro World

SmileyCentral.comSometimes BOE meetings make me feel as though I'm wandering through Bizarro World, in which everyone but me shares an opinion, and everything I opine is groan-inducingly negative. The shared opinion, which is expressed quite clearly in Tony Hall's op ed in TW, which was handed out by our Elementary Principal last night, is that Everything Is Fine; in fact, things are Better Than They've Ever Been. I don't see it. If it's not quantifiable, I don't believe it. A vague and peppy feeling that morale is high just doesn't cut it with me. Morale is often high when a contract is signed that favors the people whose morale was low. My daughter's education is just about borderline acceptable, and that hasn't changed in six years.

Some of it is Bubble Effect, similar to the Bush Administration's problem. The other BOE members aren't talking to the same people I'm talking to. They don't have friends who are leaving the district because it doesn't meet their children's needs, or neighbors who are worried about allowing their child to start kindergarten in the district. They haven't had bad run-ins with the principals, as some of my acquaintances have. And although I can guarantee that every one of them is more religious than I am, most have managed to turn a blind eye to issues involving character--issues that I'd love to ignore, too, but on which I get phone calls from constituents. I guess they don't get those phone calls.

I am, despite my agnosticism about the district's direction, eternally grateful to our sup't for getting the ball rolling on Pre-K. It's been seven years since I tried.


Anonymous said...

This concerns me. I can't put my finger on why the education is not up to par. Is it the quality of teachers?

KAZ said...

No, I don't think so. It's the lack of an overall vision or plan. The BOE keeps meaning to create one, but then things get in the way, like we have to hire a new sup't. So we go on funding things by the seat of our pants based on who squawks loudest, not what we want our children's education to look like.