Thursday, August 30, 2007


Working on zero sleep, thanks to a sick dog. Alex and Roxie got into a bag of kibble a week ago, and ate maybe 2-3 pounds before being discovered. Alex was a little ill that night but seemed fine afterward, until maybe Monday, when she started panting excessively. By Tuesday, it was out of control, and last night, nobody slept. I honestly thought she was in congestive heart failure. This morning, I took her to the vet, and $835 later, they diagnosed her with a stomachache. She is packed with kibble from guggle to zatch; they showed me the x-ray and sonogram. I think they should have framed them in gold for the amount they charged.

So I sleepwalked through work today, and through about 45 emails about local politics, and even through tonight's campaign meeting for our Town Justice candidate. Paul's due home from CO tonight around 11. I think we'll all be dead to the world by then, even the panting dog, who seems much better after her day at the spa.

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