Monday, July 2, 2007

Plants and Critters

Dave, Mary Ann, and Simon keep posting beautiful garden pix, which make me feel left out. We don't do much in the way of vegetable growing, because we won't use a fence. I do have some brussels sprouts happening, and we've got tomatoes and peppers, some in pots and some out past the bird cages. Paul's been getting into planting for wildlife. Last year, we had a whole field of kale for the deer, who adored it. This year, he rototilled the whole hillside and planted wildflowers, getting rid of the brambles in the process. Sadly, we've had little rain, so the flowers are making slow progress--but the brambles are coming back like there's no tomorrow.

We've got some new asparagus, which should be edible next year, we hope. And the herbs have flowered prettily.

Today a starling decided to pose on the weathervane. We have a murder of starlings this year, and I don't know why. They nested in the birdhouses, and the fledglings got chomped by the dogs as they learned to fly (not all of them, but several).

Meanwhile, I planted identical flowers in two barrels on the patio. One did well, and the other had its flowers vanish. I replanted, and they vanished again. Then O spotted the little vole and his tunnels in the barrel. I was making him very happy by feeding him roots, stems, leaves, and flowers over and over again.

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