Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Pardon Me

There's a lot being said about the fact that GWB has pardoned hardly anyone, including some woman on death row in TX for whom the Pope intervened. Here's a comparative list, courtesy of CNN:

George W. Bush:
Pardons: 113
Commutations: 4 (including Libby)

Bill Clinton:
Pardons: 396
Commutations: 61

George H.W. Bush:
Pardons: 74
Commutations: 3

Ronald Reagan:
Pardons: 393
Commutations: 13

Jimmy Carter:
Pardons: 534
Commutations: 29

Gerald Ford:
Pardons: 382
Commutations: 22

Richard Nixon:
Pardons: 863
Commutations: 60

Lyndon Johnson:
Pardons: 960
Commutations: 226

John F. Kennedy:
Pardons: 472
Commutations: 100

Dwight Eisenhower:
Pardons: 1,110
Commutations: 47

Harry Truman:
Pardons: 1,913
Commutations: 118

I've also seen an analysis claiming that Bush commuted rather than pardoned Libby because that preserves Libby's Fifth Amendment privileges and keeps him from talking.

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