Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer Shapes Up

Paul's taking the week off, so he's off playing in a golf tournament all day with workmates and their relatives, some of whom are golf pros or former CU golf team members. O and I are into our summer schedule, traditional when she's not in camp. I work all morning, and she has a little calendar with an activity for us to do each afternoon. This week, we're swimming laps at TC3 MWF, we saw a movie in Cortland T (Surf's Up), and we're mini-golfing Th. Other typical activities might involve swimming at Hope Lake or Waneta (if we have most of the day free); visiting the Museum of the Earth, the History Museum, or the Johnson Art Museum; driving out of town to the Syracuse Zoo or Roseland Water Park or the Harriet Tubman House; etc. She starts Japanese lessons with an IC student from Japan this Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, PZ writes from Dubai to question Dryden's new Athletic Code.

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