Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just Painful

Last night's board meeting lasted till 1 AM, when we finally all agreed that we could no longer agree on anything. We divvied up some "found" money (really money the admin had overbudgeted), and I did manage to keep any of it from being spent on other than one-time purchases--one of which will be consulting help for the cafeteria program, at last. We approved a new, very strict code of conduct for athletes--one that requires full-day attendance and does not permit even proximity to alcohol and other drugs. It should be interesting to see how that works. On the one hand, it's pretty unrealistic. On the other hand, it gives some kids who might need an excuse a fairly strong one. We approved going ahead with the "First Annual Dryden Dash for Charity," a road race kids want to set up to benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation. We talked a lot about raising lunch and breakfast prices by 25 cents but split down the middle and tabled it. We did approve a tentative dollar figure toward a new cafeteria point-of-sale program, but the program itself has not yet been selected. We heard from the administration on new class-size goals--20 or below for K-3, 20-24 for 4-8, and 20-25 for core classes at the HS, with a lower range of 10 and up for AP/Dual Credit courses and 24-26 for PE. I got to bed around 2. Ouch.

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