Monday, April 23, 2007


It's 6:30, and I'm still in front of the computer. My back is spazzing, and I've come completely un-spa'd. I think I'll look at a few more of the nice pix Kris sent this morning.

We were inundated by military officers during our time at the Sag--it turned out that a conference of M.A.N.Y. was meeting over the weekend. Lots of military wives in camo bikinis, lots of kids, many flattop haircuts. I cornered an important-looking guy in uniform and asked him what they were doing in Lake George. His reply: "Escaping from the war." I suggested this was a misuse of my tax dollars, and he said No, they had to pay for it themselves. $419 billion and counting, but National Guard members have to pay for their own travel and uniforms? Makes you wonder.

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