Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day One, Nothing Changes

Money 3Our Dryden sup't was carrying on at yesterday's facilities committee meeting about the state Catch-22 that giveth and taketh away with the same slick motion. We get Excel aid for facilities, which, in Dryden's case, this year comes to $578,430. The state then gives us 82% (that percentage differs from district to district) on top of that, meaning that we can do a project that's over $3 million in cost. But then the state finagles the bonding, with cuts going to the Dormitory Authority and monies coming off for capitalized interest, which accumulates largely because the state doesn't pay up until the project is complete.

The actual money available for construction and incidentals must be figured by a formula so arcane that only one guy in the area (Bernie Donegan--Google him to see how many schools depend on his services!) understands it, so all the schools rely on him to do the math. I'm struggling to figure out what really happens to the money, but I'm not sure I'm getting it. I'll continue to try.

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