Thursday, September 24, 2015

Minimum Wage v. Housing Costs in Ithaca

We're talking a lot in the county about raising the minimum wage to a living wage. The Dems supported a resolution to phase in such a plan, relying on the state to permit the county to effect such a local change.

When I was in college, minimum wage rose from $2/hour to $2.30/hour (except for farmworkers), a 15% increase. During the same period, my Collegetown rent in a three-bedroom apartment rose from $75/month to $90/month, a 20% increase.

Today, minimum wage is $8.75, a 280% increase over minimum wage in 1976. Meanwhile, Olivia's Collegetown rent in a three-bedroom apartment next year will be around $895/month, an 894% increase over my rent in 1976. I rest my case.


Charles Scarlatta IV said...

$895 for a 3br Wish I could have found that while I was living in Ithaca (I left last year) I was paying nearly $1000 for a 2br (which only included water) about a mile from IC.

Charles Scarlatta IV said...
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KAZ said...

That's PER PERSON!!!