Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Cost of Charters

Just in case you think that charters don't really siphon money from the public schools, I learned last night that Dryden is sending 27 students to New Roots at a cost of $309,000, close to 1% of the district's budget. Enrollment data from the state indicate that the 2013-14 enrollment at New Roots was 150, which means that Dryden supplies 18% of the kids, a high number. The district doesn't really know why students are choosing New Roots; there are many possible reasons. But as Paul pointed out, it's worth finding out; with $309,000 a year (maybe less following start-up costs), Dryden could provide a mini school-within-a-school program that would keep kids in the district and perhaps meet their needs. And with the oversight that the district could provide, those kids might actually learn something and graduate.

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Kris said...

That's a lot of unhappy students. Definitely worth exploring why they are going elsewhere.