Monday, December 8, 2014

Michigan Turns Red

As the rest of the country rails over police excesses or UVA frat rape, Michigan has stealthily been passing some legislation that would be remarkable even in some red states. I wrote about the denial of funding to public schools. Now their House has passed a religious freedom measure that ties up loose ends in the Hobby Lobby decision, while blocking the addition of "sexual orientation" to the list of categories protected under their anti-discrimination law.

Now, Michigan under Gov. Snyder is not the Michigan we may remember. Sure, it went for Obama in 2012, but that same year, Snyder made the state built on unions into a right-to-work state. In that same session, he signed into law anti-abortion and pro-gun legislation.

So when is a blue state not a blue state? Ask Wisconsin. And now, it seems, ask Michigan, too.

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