Sunday, November 17, 2013

Unexpected Results

The Dryden Democrats swept in Dryden on Election Day, and it's hard to explain exactly why, although some of what Simon posts here was surely at play. The fact is that the Republican agenda and the Tea Party agenda aren't precisely the same, not here in town, and probably not out in the wider world, either. Talking about gun rights in a county/town election didn't play. Pretending to be concerned about the poor didn't fool anyone. Harping on the cost of legislative furniture just sounded petty. It wasn't as though there weren't real issues to discuss. There were more than a few times when I said, "Geez, if I were running their campaign, I'd ___." Luckily for us, I wasn't.

So next time around, we'll have a harder time of it. It's always harder to be an incumbent, and we'll have nothing but. However, I look forward to seeing what our team gets done over the next few years. It's an opportunity to continue some good plans and to ensure a direction that moves Dryden comfortably and intelligently into the future.

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