Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Required Reading

Politico looks at the mounting campaigns pro and con the Common Core State Standards. It doesn't take a standardized test to assess that many Americans are dimwitted.
But the opposition is also fertile ground for wild rumors: That the Common Core bans the teaching of cursive so future generations won’t be able to read the Declaration of Independence; that the standards require schools to monitor kids through iris scans or biometric bracelets; that teachers will be forced to introduce pornography under the guise of reading instruction.


Diane said...

Teachers I've "spoken" to (on Twitter) say that their schools are forcing them to stop teaching fiction and focus on nonfiction. Though the they may believe the standards are useful or even vital, teachers are turning against them because of the way they are being implemented. Some also seem to feel that the Common Core will end "free reading" in the classroom, though they can't give reasons why they think this. There is such a lack of information and so much misinformation out there -- in that way, the CCSS IS like Obamacare!

mlutwak said...

Teachers I've spoken to in person are excited to hear that they can get a copy of a script of play that their students are going to see in the theatre. Then they want to know where in the script they can find the topic sentences and supporting details.