Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just Sad

Auburn is an example of what can happen if someone punches a number in wrong at the state level, and no one's around to correct the error. The story seems to be that a couple of years ago, Auburn was misclassified by the state, causing it to lose a couple of million per year in state aid. Despite the efforts of administrators and state legislators to clean up that error, the district remains incorrectly classified and continues to bleed funds.

You might ask, "How is this possible?" but the fact seems to be that the halls of State Ed are hauntingly empty, with fewer and fewer people minding the store. They've even outsourced the approval of districts' APPR plans for evaluating teachers. A misplaced digit on one district's forms is the least of their problems. But it's a big, big problem for Auburn's educators and schoolchildren.

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