Monday, October 15, 2012

Once Again Screwed, cont.

And now we have a guy from GeoTherm in Tully, who informs us that just like all the Gleason systems he's seen, ours was installed incorrectly and needs to be gutted and redone.

We can't sue anyone, because Gleason's in Chapter 11 as far as we can tell.

Perhaps more interesting is the fact that in order for consumers to use NYSERDA money to install renewable energy systems, the state requires them to use certain hand-picked vendors, but they apparently don't vet those vendors very well or follow up in any meaningful way. I'm not saying that kickbacks are involved, but it might be nice to know just HOW they choose.

LATER: Paul has informed me how NYSERDA chooses. If someone wants to be an approved vendor, he/she must take a state-sponsored workshop for X dollars. Most small vendors can't afford the time or money. If it's like most mandatory state-sponsored workshops, and Paul and I have suffered through a few, it's worthless. So I am sticking to my sort-of-like-kickbacks story: To get on the list, vendors have to pay the state.


Diane said...


KAZ said...

Yeah. But of course, we can't guarantee that this guy knows what he's doing, either.

Diane said...

Is it just not working? Or what?

KAZ said...

We couldn't get it to move from AC to heat, but that's fixed. It's just not working well, and it definitely is set to depend on outside temp, which means if the sun hits the sensor, the heat goes off, which is not the way it should work. Plus there are issues with cold water running through the floor, etc. Dozens of little things that add up to one big mess.

Diane said...

Disaster. Condolences!