Thursday, July 5, 2012

How Does the SCOTUS Decision Affect Me?

In my working life, I've had maybe five different insurance plans, including at least two different self-purchased plans. We signed up for our current plan prior to 2010, which means that we are grandfathered in under the Affordable Care Act. As far as I can tell, the changes for us are these:

1. Olivia can stay on our plan until age 26.

2. We no longer have a lifetime limit on coverage.

3. We can't get dropped if we get sick.

4. Our premiums may increase, but they can't suddenly skyrocket.

I thought we'd get free immunizations, but there's some discrepancy in what I'm reading. It appears that grandfathered plans aren't forced to provide free preventive care.

All in all, it doesn't seem to affect me much, at least not the way the screaming right wing would suggest. I don't much feel that my freedom is affected one way or the other.


Diane said...

My agent points out that as a self-employed person who makes more than a little money but not a whole lot, she is now going to have to get insurance or be penalized. (I guess she didn't have any before!) So she's in the difficult position of believing firmly in the act but having it cost her -- a lot.

KAZ said...

I think PZ's having to walk out of NY Hospital as an uninsured patient with a ruptured appendix should be a cautionary tale to anyone. Today he would be covered under the Big Zs' plan, as he was younger than 26 at the time.