Monday, June 25, 2012

Why Common Core State Standards Are a Challenge

Here are some statistics that will curl your hair, from the NYSED Office of Information and Reporting Services. In order to be "college and career ready," students must graduate with at least a 75 in Regents English and an 80 in Regents Math. This has been shown to correlate with success in first-year college courses. Stats are for June 2011 across New York State.

Cohort % Graduating % College and Career Ready
ALL 74.0 34.7
American Indian 59.6 16.8
Asian/Pacific Islander 82.4 55.9
Black 58.4 11.5
Hispanic 58.0 14.5
White 85.1 48.1
English Language Learners 38.2 6.5
Students with Disabilities 44.6 4.4

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