Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who Isn't Running for Congress?

Well, I'm not. But I may be the only one.

Ithaca's congressman, Maurice Hinchey, who is not Dryden's congressman, because that would be too simple, is retiring. His district is likely to be redistricted into oblivion, which could mean any of several scenarios. In one, Ithaca and most of Tompkins end up in a district that extends through Syracuse, the district I think of as Dan Maffei's, despite his 2010 loss to Ann Marie Buerkle. In another, Ithaca and most of Tompkins end up with the Southern Tier—Chemung, Broome, and to the west, part of what now is Tom Reed's district.

Reed and Buerkle are vulnerable, being as they are both idiots. Congress is wildly unpopular, but that doesn't stop people from wanting to be there. Hinchey already had two Republican opponents. As of this morning, there are four Dems just in Tompkins County who may or may not vie for the seat. Each of them brings something to the table. Some are more viable in the first redistricting scenario. Others are more viable in the second redistricting scenario. There is doubtless a third scenario that I haven't even considered. And there are potential candidates in other counties. Plus Dan Maffei, who wants his old seat back....

We may have districts drawn by mid-March. We will certainly have a primary in June. It's pretty clear that this foreshortened calendar favors incumbents, however lousy they might be. In the meantime, there will be a flurry of activity here in Tompkins, some of which may grind to a halt once the districts are approved. It will be an interesting spring.

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Diane said...

You KNOW you should run.