Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How Are We Doing?

The IJ has a link to an interactive map that shows average SAT scores and AP passing rates in our corner of NYS. In a nutshell, here are the data.


NYS: 497 verbal, 514 math

Dryden: 528 verbal, 544 math

Groton: 492 verbal, 487 math

Ithaca: 583 verbal, 579 math

Lansing: 567 verbal, 568 math

Newfield: 457 verbal, 467 math

Tburg: 572 verbal, 534 math

Range for mid-50% of entering Cornell students:

630–730 verbal, 660–770 math.

This may be slightly apples to oranges; the IJ data seem to combine reading and writing for the 2011 score, whereas the Cornell data I found were just for reading.

And here are the data for AP passing rates. A score of 3 is passing; 4s and 5s may earn college credit. Some of our smaller schools no longer offer AP courses.


Dryden: 71%

Ithaca: 87%

Lansing: 90%

Tburg: 64%

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