Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why Dryden, Why Now?

Living in Dryden posts in response to candidate Schickel's oft-repeated remark that banning gas drilling "painted a target on the town's back." It has been clear to some of us for a while that the choice of Dryden as target of a lawsuit was not arbitrary, and that it had more to do with threatening nearby towns that were contemplating similar legislation (e.g., Caroline, where the threat worked quite well) and bullying Dryden's electorate than with protecting an investment. Wouldn't it be interesting if a major figure in the Dryden Republican Party turned out to be the one who cost the taxpayers that estimated $200K the GOP keep harping on? (To be fair, the current cost of the lawsuit is nowhere near that amount, but who knows how long things will drag on.)

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