Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dryden v. Goliath, part 1

Because it is privately held, Anschutz puts out very little information about its finances and operations. It's not even possible to find names of board members. However, we know that Philip A is worth $7 billion, and that his largest holdings involve not oil and gas, but sports and entertainment, courtesy of subsidiary AEG, which, as it happens, is currently being sued by Michael Jackson's mother. So we can anticipate that Anschutz has a fairly large budget to hire legal assistance.

Then there's the town of Dryden, which budgeted $51K this year for legal expenses, including union negotiations.

But we do have a number of brooks containing smooth stones.


DZ said...

And I'm sure Paul could construct a really good slingshot...

Hilary Lambert said...

This is painfully reminiscent of when the Sierra Club's KY chapter went up against Peabody Coal over an air permit for a proposed coal fired power plant near the one that John Prine sings about in "Muhlenberg
county." We won - 6 years later. Takes a TEAM.