Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gas Heats Up

Well, tonight's the night of the big Town Board meeting. I suspect it will be rowdy. Living in Dryden has a good analysis of the pro-fracking site's dubious math.

Although it appears that this is a partisan issue in Dryden, and it will certainly be framed that way for November, I suspect that deep down, it really is not. There are people in town on both sides of the aisle who cross over on this one.

I have posted in the past about my view of energy policy as a class issue. Since that posting, we have arranged to retrofit for geothermal, so by autumn we will be off the grid in that one area, although still connected via electric. I still believe that local energy is better than imported energy, even if the energy imported just comes from a state or two away--for all kinds of reasons, including the energy expended and lost when energy travels.

But I don't want big trucks destroying our roads or unknown chemicals polluting our water, so I'm glad to let our town do what it can to protect its citizens. I don't see that as a partisan issue at all, but rather a logical choice. Those kinds of protections cannot be achieved by people on their own; they are the natural role of government.

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