Monday, April 11, 2011

School Budget So Far, Finale

I went oh-so-briefly to tonight's BoE meeting before I had to pick up Olivia at rehearsal. The supt presented the administrative team's suggestions for putting back the $280+K the legislators put back. There's a problem with the numbers for pre-K; the legislators only put in $34K, which isn't enough to run a program. The numbers for the past few years have been $58K, which allows for a single class, morning or afternoon. The governor gave Dryden $114K, enough for morning AND afternoon. The admin team is scrambling to get State Ed to admit its error. This is one of my pet projects, so I am crossing my fingers.

Back in, perhaps, are enough of a Spanish teacher to bring Spanish back to 7th grade, enough of a science teacher at the HS to keep a decent science program there, a couple of elementary teachers to keep those class sizes low, some athletic supplies (which have been steadily cut from $20K a few years ago to $9K last year), K-12 field trips, the MS-HS play choreographer (a drop in the bucket for a program that touches 100 or so kids), and a handful of other things. There was talk also of using a portion of the money to cut the levy, which I believe will happen. At least one reporter was there, so we may get the final numbers tomorrow. (There's also a chance that Paul will stop by on his way back from his own BoE meeting in time to hear the final results.)

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