Monday, April 25, 2011

Did You Know...

...that only .2 percent of New Yorkers are without broadband service? That's the word from our state broadband initiative, which bases its data on the truthiness of Internet providers.

Paul came home from a meeting with state representatives today quite assured that we won't have rural broadband service in NYS in our lifetime.

To be fair, the state does have a website on which you can register whether their "facts" about broadband in your area are "true." I sent them a scalding missive, and I suggest you do too after you check out their "facts" and assess whether your speed matches their figures. Ours differed by a factor of 5 or so.

I am not sure how something that on the face of it seems so simple grew into such a bollixed mess. Paul's convinced that unless the state forces providers to extend service, they simply won't. It's not the sort of regulation he tends to approve of, but he doesn't see another way.

LATER: The IJ reports on the meeting.

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Diane said...

Well, it was correct for us, including broadband speed. But our corner of Wassaic is very peculiar -- our neighbors to the north(Amenia)and the east (Sharon, CT) don't have cable. I don't know why we do.