Thursday, March 31, 2011

School Runs

We worked through dinner trying to make head or tail of the state aid restoration runs. This document from State Ed implies that restoration was based on need, enrollment increases, students with Limited English Proficiency, and decreases to cuts. Although our local schools score high on need, they score quite poorly on enrollment increases and ESL population. That being said, we can't quite understand the numbers that resulted:
Dryden gets $284,801 back, or about 7.9% of the original cut.
Groton gets $55,453 back, or about 3.3% of the original cut.
Ithaca gets $674,762 back, or about 11.89% of the original cut.
Lansing gets $171,396 back, or about 11.1% of the original cut.
Newfield gets $69,578 back, or about 6.1% of the original cut.
Trumansburg gets $195,737 back, or about 8.4% of the original cut.
Overall, the six Tompkins County school districts get about 9.1% of the money originally cut. The poorest schools get below that average, and the richest schools get above it. If anyone can help me to understand how this is equitable or fair, I breathlessly await your explanation!

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Diane Zahler said...

Dutchess County seems to have the similar inequities, though it's hard to tell because our fabulous newspaper only reports the dollar amounts, not the percentages. One of our wealthier districts is getting a small giveback; two are getting a further reduction. The rest are getting back large amounts, while the poorest districts are receiving pennies. I think they chose based on what district names they liked the best.