Wednesday, March 30, 2011

School Budget So Far, Redux

We didn't make it to Monday's budget hearing, mostly 'cause I'm sick as a dog, and it was in Freeville, not close to where we had to pick up Olivia. However, it appears that nothing much (at all?) changed from the earlier discussion.

Groton's budget seems more interesting. They're looking at serious restructuring--maybe getting rid of their middle school entirely--to save money. They also have some truly ridiculous proposals on their website involving eliminating both directors of IT and Special Ed within three years. Do they think either of those areas is shrinking?

Even more interesting from a policy viewpoint is ICSD's rejection of a payment in lieu of taxes for the proposed BJ's Wholesale Club near the mall. It seems to me that you can request payment in lieu of taxes for an entity (Cornell) that is legally tax free, but to accept a payment in lieu to allow a deal to be made with a business is never going to be in the best interest of the district.

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