Thursday, January 27, 2011

Worst. Speech. Ever.

Not only because he called out Community Action as the one thing he'd like to cut (I'm on the board of Tompkins Community Action, and trust me, that got loads of attention). Not only because he pandered to the grotesque John Boehner instead of using the close proximity to head butt him in his weepy mahogany face. Not only because he called out a perfectly nice lady from NC who was back in community college at age 55 to get a associates degree in something that will never earn her a job unless she continues on through her master's. Not only because he missed a chance to talk about gun control, civil rights, the middle class, or poor people. Not only because he insisted that we need to be nicer to corporations that are making record profits while continuing to lay people off. Not only because he was so flat and insincere that at least one Supreme Court justice visibly napped throughout.

More because I didn't believe a word he said, and I don't believe he believed it either. At least Clinton was able to sell his own sell-out.

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Anonymous said...

1) So why bother listening to these things? They're always information-empty babble.
2) And you expected what? A full body slam of the newly empowered GOP? The fact that they sat everyone blue/ red/ blue/ red should have told you everything you needed to know about what was coming -- a fascile attempt to pander to the center-right. Time will tell whether it was a real pander or an attempt to give them no ammunition to continue their smear barrage so he can go about business in some comparative peace for a bit. But if he'd done what you suggest, the majority of Americans who get their news from Fox would be hearing nothing but full-bore "he's after your freedom!" So let's see.