Monday, December 20, 2010

The Bad Boyfriend

He told you he couldn't be faithful, but you chose to hear what you wanted to hear. Don't blame the guy for being something other than what you invented; he never lied to you.

Do you remember stories like this one back in 2008? Did you choose to listen to the right-wingers who defined him as a socialist-progressive-liberal, or did you take the time to read his own writings or look at his record or listen to his words?

Maybe you thought you could change him once you had him in your grip. When will you learn? That sh*t never works.

So now you want to break up with him. You regret falling for that voice, that smile, those eyes. You almost, maybe, possibly regret choosing him over some of your other options. Go ahead, dump him. Do you think you can do better? Have you seen what's out there? Are you ready to go through the whole courtship thing all over again?

Expect to stay partnerless for a long, long time. Years, even. And next time, try following your head and not your heart.


Elizabeth said...

I think that for those who started following him back when he was a dark horse not gonna run/cannot possibly win candidate he doesn't present many surprises.

But since when does the public pay attention?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and this one only beats me twice a week. Could be worse...