Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Since Mike Arcuri won't run again for Congress, it appears that my Congressional district is back to being solidly Republican for the foreseeable future. My State Senate district has been that way since I moved here (and we've had the same senator, Jim Seward, since 1986). My Assembly district has been helmed by a Democrat for as long as I've been here; Marty Luster took the seat in 1988, and his chief of staff took over in 2002. County representation has moved back and forth, as befits a section of town that is fairly equally divided. It was Mike Lane (D); then it was Mike Hattery (R); now it's Mike Lane again. I honestly don't remember who was representative when I moved here in 1991; perhaps someone can remind me.* As for the town, it was red when I got here, turned briefly bluish, back to red, and is now as blue as it's ever been (3 Dems, 1 Republican, 1 Independent). All of which goes to show that Dryden is an upstate NY town that is somewhat influenced by its proximity to a liberal small city. But a look at the maps also indicates that it's way past time for redistricting. Congressional District 24 above; State Senate District 51 here.
* Thanks to Simon, who claims it was Bob Watrous.

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