Thursday, June 3, 2010

Man the Palisades!

We imported most of the wood on our house from Louisiana, courtesy of a great Internet deal Paul located. Wood for the deck, on the other hand, was purchased locally, from 84 Lumber. I don't know what conclusion to draw from the fact that after not-even-five years, that wood has crumbled to the point where Paul put his foot right through the deck the other day. He's now tearing it up to replace it with a synthetic. It's back-breaking work, thanks to the fact that he carefully sank every screw, anticipating a twenty-year lifespan.


Simon said...

Ouch! That's horrible. I feel the pain of careful work ripped up again.

I like the palisade picture, though - it's kind of like I felt when the huge fence posts were installed here but the fence wasn't in yet.

I need to build a deck or preferably a stone patio. The deck-like things I've built so far - the steps and sandbox - are topped with bland-looking Trex. It's still year 1 for it, so no idea how long it'll last.

KAZ said...

Yup, it's Trex for us from now on. If you want stone, that's an expensive but terrific prospect--let us know; we have the name of the guy who did our patio. I would not do it myself--it's quite an art, and he was great.

Robert said...

We're doing ours with Fiberon Horizon (