Friday, May 21, 2010

AG Candidate Schneiderman

Today I met one of five, or is it six, Attorney General candidates for the State of New York, West Sider Eric Schneiderman. He's got a great liberal-progressive resume, even as someone who's been too long in the rattrap that is the NYS Senate. Everything he said was believable and heartfelt, from the fact that Dems in power tend to lie down and try to make friends rather than explaining what they're for and grabbing for it to the sotto voce suggestion that his politics and the governor-in-waiting's may be somewhat incompatible. Schneiderman believes that we benefit from an AG who is not the governor's lapdog, and I can't disagree, although he hints at a separation of powers that is not really implied by the Constitution, which sites the AG within the executive branch of government. Anyway, he was very impressive and very personable, gave a great presentation, and is being overrun somewhat by Eric Dinallo, who comes up first on Google when I type in "Attorney General." (Really, Eric D? Over Eric Holder? And what's with all the Erics, anyway?) The primary is four months away, but the convention is next week.

My favorite part: He gets how corruption in Albany feeds into Tea Partiers' hatred of government, and he vows to do everything in the AG's power to clean it up.

I wish I had read this before I went to breakfast--we ran over, and I got a parking ticket, negating the fact that the senator paid for breakfast.

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Robert said...

On the question of separation of power between Guv and AG - see Arizona.