Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No, Seriously, Nuts to You

Louise Slaughter targeted by assassins. Civil Rights hero John Lewis called "nigger" across from the US Capitol. Democrats forced to vote down amendments regarding Viagra and sex offenders just so their no votes can be used against them in election ads. We are living in the land of the loony, and there's just no end in sight.


sarah said...

Why was paying for Viagra in the Health bill at all? I don't think removing the special deals cut for states to win votes are pointless amendments.

Lastly, the acts of a few don't label a party or movement. When Bush was hung in effigy, I didn't hear you saying that was wrong. Or calling him monkey, etc. The items you list are terrible, but also not the norm.

Should I assume that the democratic party believes that 911 was an inside job since 30 percent of the party's members believe that? Is planned parenthood racist because it was founded by a supporter of eugenics? I didn't think so.

KAZ said...

Paying for Viagra wasn't in the health bill. Nutty Tom Coburn just thinks those nutty sex offenders might choose to use their subsidized health plans to buy some. (Actually, to be fair, he doesn't think that at all, he just wants to muddy the waters and send the bill back to the House. Nutty like a fox.)

Oh, I hardly think lunacy knows a party. However, I think your notion that 30 percent of the Dems think 911 was an inside job is what my daughter would call An OverExaggeration. I know hundreds of Dems, and not ONE of them believes that. That Rasmussen poll was long ago discredited--keep up!

Margaret Sanger died 44 years ago and was a Socialist (when she could finally vote), not a Democrat. Surely you have better examples than these.