Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The New Curriculum

I like the simplicity of this proposed curriculum for America's children. It's getting there from here that's the problem.

I will say that at our legislative breakfast Saturday, no school official griped about having to cut programs. They all begged for mandate relief, not more money.

I'm imagining the kind of streamlining we could do if all school-related regulation were federal, not state-imposed. The clunkiness of our system is dragging us under.

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E said...

This op-ed made the rounds at my middle school this week, and though many were clearly roused by it, none offered actual opinions, for or against. I'm still getting used to the fiercely political atmosphere, or should I say paranoid?
I agreed with the thrust of the op-ed, myself, with one exception. The reference to reading, and the notion that this necessarily means print sources, bothered me. In our current "Battle of the Books" one team names themselves 'weread.com.' They were alone in seeing reading as reading across media. Is reading reading, or not?