Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Birthday Over

Although it's hard to admit how old I am, the scariest part is the sudden realization that 1990 was 20 years ago. How'd THAT happen?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. How about 1970 being 40 years ago?

Or, the Summer of Love is to O what the late flapper years were to you at that age.

Happy Birthday!

KAZ said...

Interestingly, O and her cousins listen to and enjoy the Beatles. I did not listen to and enjoy Al Jolson or Eubie Blake at that age.

Of course, when The (decrepit) Who played at halftime of the Super Bowl, all I could think was "Who today even knows what pinball is?"

Elizabeth Lutwak said...

All I could think watching halftime was, please don'y let any of them fall over dead during this!

I was chatting about Tiananmen square with a bunch of 8th graders before I realized they weren't around to witness it. I sat teary eyed through a short film about the 1980 Olympics and then thought, shit! they (the students) are seeing this as history - I am OLD.

I kinda like it.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Diane said...

How's this for old: I told my editor that I left children's book publishing in 1981 -- and she revealed that was the year she was born!