Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And More Ambivalence

I'm equally ambivalent about our governor. It doesn't help that I met him back in the days when he swore he had no desire to be governor, which made him the ideal lieutenant governor. He seemed to be genuinely a good guy, even if he did come from the dysfunctional State Senate. And then the governor blew up, and the rest is history. Now Paterson couldn't get a favorable rating on "Dancing with the Stars," and people are lining up to come talk to us about why they'll be great attorney generals once AG Cuomo knocks him out of the race.

I know I should be pissed that Paterson is threatening to cut the budget himself and to take money away from schools and municipalities midyear, but there's a part of me, the part that's still warm and fuzzy about him, that says that he's right--if the state doesn't face its budget woes today, we can all watch it circle the drain before too many tomorrows go by. What part of that doesn't the legislature get? Oh, yeah--the part about getting re-elected in 2010.

I'm not ambivalent about Cuomo, although he's become a better speaker over the past year. I liked his father. That's pretty much it.

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